Lambert Property Group is a lettings agent and property management service in Newcastle. 

Our aim is simple: we let landlords enjoy the financial rewards of being a landlord without it eating up your spare time, being a burden, or causing you stress.


Protect your investment

Enjoy your spare time

Relax knowing we're handling everything

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Lettings only Service

Is your empty Property costing you money? Let us find you the perfect tenant

Click here and check out our let only service

Management Service

Is your investment taking up too much your spare time?

Click here and check out our fully managed service

Protect Your Investment: You invest & we do the rest!

The Right Tenants For Your Property

Holes in walls and mess are nothing compared to sleepless nights and stress. Finding the right tenant for your property is essential.

  • We check tenant references
  • We ask for guarantors
  • And we reference check guarantors too

Enjoy Your Spare Time:
Fully Managed Letting Service

  • We look after your property and your tenants like they’re our own.
  • 24/7 maintenance callouts so your tenants can count on us
  • We fix small things FAST before they turn into big, expensive problems
  •  We charge you 10% of your rental value up to a maximum of £50 a month for our services. Got a property to rent in Newcastle for £800 a month? It’ll still cost you £50.  
Our Packages 

Don’t Worry About It:
Let Us Look After Your Property

  • Being a landlord can be a headache. Whether it’s keeping up to date with landlord law, making sure your tenants are happy, chasing payments, sorting maintenance issues, or doing regular inspections, it can be a lot of pressure.
  • We handle all communication with your tenant so you don’t have to.
  • You’ll get monthly reports so you know we’re on top of things.
  • And, subject to conditions, we may be able to guarantee your rent on time, every time.
  • Ask us about your guaranteed rent scheme now.

Using a letting agent isn’t right for everyone. What are your alternatives?


You could do it yourself

You’d enjoy 100% of the rent money, but you’re the one getting out of bed at 3am when water is pouring through the ceiling. You can never ‘clock off’. If the power cuts out when you’re sat on the beach in Spain, you either sort it out, or you come home to angry tenants


Online letting agent

This will cost you less money but cost you considerably more time. You’ve got to respond directly to all enquiries, arrange your own viewings, show up to them, do your own inventory, do your own due diligence on tenants... You get the idea. 


High Street letting agent

Yes, they’re experienced and boast a big portfolio, but that’s the problem. You risk not getting the personal service you need. You can only ‘forget’ about your property when you’re 100% sure it’s being taken care of properly, and you’re kept in the loop just enough to feel secure rather than bothered.

You need a local agent who actually cares. And you’ve just found one.

FAQs: A bad agent can cause more problems than a bad tenant.

Check all the information below before signing anything with any agent. Questions to Ask Lettings Agents in Newcastle (and our answers):


How long does it take you to find tenants?

It takes us on average one week to find you a tenant. While some of the bigger agents boast 5-day turnarounds, we prefer to spend a little extra time making sure we find you tenants who are reliable and long-term. The last thing you want to do is miss out on a month’s rent every six months, are we right?

Will I get paid rent on time?

We may be able to offer you a guaranteed rent scheme. That would mean you’d get your rent on time every month regardless if your tenant isn’t playing ball. Contact us and we’ll let you know if this is available to your property.

Is there an extra cost for guaranteed rent?

All our prices are clearly shown here. So as long as you’re happy with those numbers, you can work out exactly what the peace of mind and convenience is worth to you.

Are your management packages flexible?

To see the breakdown of what that covers, look here. If you’d like anything extra, let us know and we’ll have a chat about it. The more properties you have, the more of a discount you can get. We have packages for 10+ properties, 20+ properties, and 30+ properties.

Are you signed up to any professional bodies?

It’s illegal not to be! We are signed up to The Property Ombudsman (this is who you complain to if you’re not happy with us) and UKALA (lettings and management agent additional insurance). We also have PI insurance.

Do you have a code of practice & complaints procedure? 

 You can find those here.


Do you charge administration fees?

 For the full price breakdown see here for property letting and here for property management.


Can I see a copy of your property management contract?

Find that here.


How much does fully-maintained property management cost?

Our fully maintained property management service in Newcastle costs 10% of your rent, up to a capped rate of £50 per property, no matter how big your property is or how much you’re renting it out for. So for example, if your property is worth £350 a month in rent, you’d pay us £35 to manage it. If your property is worth £500 a month, it’ll cost you £50. If your property is worth £900 a month, it will still only cost you £50 per month in management fees as we cap our rate at £50.


Which redress scheme and client money protection scheme are you part of?

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme and UKALA. We have a separate client bank account which is covered by UKALA.


How often do you do inspections?

Before your tenants settle into their new home, we’ll send you a video inventory which clearly shows the condition of your property. When it’s time for your tenants to move on, we’ll do another video inventory and compare the two to check for damage. As standard, we inspect each of your properties every 6 months but you’ll receive a monthly report from us just to let you know everything’s okay.


Who holds the tenant deposit?

If you’re looking to be involved as little in the process as possible, you’ll be looking at our property management service. In that case, we hold your tenant’s deposit as we’ll be doing the end of tenancy condition report and subtracting the cost of any damage from that. All deposits are held and protected under The Tenancy Deposit Scheme.


What monthly fees will I pay?

If you’re looking to let your property with us, you can view our fees here. If you’re looking to be involved as little as possible with your investment, our fully maintained property management service is for you.


I’m worried about expensive maintenance costs. Can I authorise them first?

Of course. Those details will be outlined in our crystal-clear contract, which we’ll discuss with you at step 2 of 4 of the letting journey.


How do I cancel my monthly property management service?

Typically, agents make it difficult for you to get out of their contracts. That’s why we make it easy. True, it’s not ideal for us, but we’ve built our whole service around landlords. Just give us 3 months’ notice and we’ll wish you well.